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Magic and Medicine

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(Brother roll another for me | I am shipwrecked on the rocks)

Collecting Information [28 May 2004|05:35pm]

Tell me everything you know about Bill. Every tiny little detail. Please.

(I am shipwrecked on the rocks)

ooeer x [06 Apr 2004|08:55pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

New community.
Just because there isn't enough Zutons love around. Join, post, dance. Whatever you like.

(I am shipwrecked on the rocks)

[02 Mar 2004|12:14am]

Magic and Medicine is my current favourite album.

I've never really listened to it carefully enough to see just how good it is and now I have it's great. Yay.


(I am shipwrecked on the rocks)

I'd like you all to know that time is running out. [29 Feb 2004|05:33pm]

For those who missed the Ear Candy Liverpool special last night - IT WAS GOOD.

It featured an interview with The Bandits, a live performance from The Coral, The Zutons answered few short questions as well as Noel Gallagher who talks about The Stands and the new 'cosmic scouse' movement, also the making of the The Delays (about as scouse as jellied eels) new video and more..

Oh yes and The Bandits made a song especially for Colin Murray - 'Go Home, Colin Murray' featuring the words 'Twat' and 'Fock off'

(I am shipwrecked on the rocks)

[26 Feb 2004|10:24pm]

[ mood | yay ]

The Zutons have announced a full UK tour, calling at:

Wed 21 Dublin Village
Thu 22 Belfast Limelight
Fri 23 Glasgow Garage
Sat 24 Carlisle Brickyard
Tue 27 Stoke Sugarmill
Wed 28 Birmingham Academy 2
Thu 29 Liverpool Academy
Fri 30 Leeds Cockpit

Sat 01 Manchester University
Mon 03 Colchester Arts Centre
Wed 05 Bristol Fleece
Thu 06 Portmouth Wedgewood Rooms
Fri 07 London ULU

Tickets are £8, £10 for London.


..and Zane Lowe played You Will You Wont today, its good stuff.

(Brother roll another for me | I am shipwrecked on the rocks)

for those in the usa [15 Feb 2004|11:39am]

[ mood | good ]

best buy now has magic and medicine/nightfreaks and the sons of becker double pack cd on sale for 7.99 . you cant pass that uP!

(I am shipwrecked on the rocks)

Font [03 Feb 2004|08:57pm]


click to download

(I am shipwrecked on the rocks)

[01 Feb 2004|12:02pm]

OK I am beginning to get a little tired of this layout, any ideas?

(Brother roll another for me | I am shipwrecked on the rocks)

Coral in NY? [30 Jan 2004|09:29pm]

Ok i figured this was the best place to ask, so here i am, the new one (HII i'm sarah!)! It's been rumored -- but more towards the definite side that the coral are coming to NY at the end of february to play some shows. According to my friends, friend it was in the village voice magazine

Yesterday i went to bowery ballroom (where the show is supposedly taking place) and asked whether they knew anything of this, and the bouncer looked at the schedule list and said it may be a secret. My friend went there last night also and said the other bouncer said it was most likely occurring.

Ok that's really confusing, sorry! If for some reason anyone actually understands that babbling and knows anything of this could you please tell me! Thanks!!!

(I am shipwrecked on the rocks)

[26 Jan 2004|08:46pm]

As you probably already know, Nightfreak and The Sons of Becker was released today.


Pressure Point reached no. 19 in the charts.

That's about it.

(I am shipwrecked on the rocks)

[22 Jan 2004|10:46pm]


(Brother roll another for me | I am shipwrecked on the rocks)

Alexxxx is horrible. [17 Jan 2004|07:22pm]

[ mood | apathetic ]

I'm joining. I love the Coral....

Urm...for everyone who isn't Alex... I'm Chelsea... *wave*

Horrible, HORRIBLE Alex...*smack*

Just kidding. I love you really...:P

(Brother roll another for me | I am shipwrecked on the rocks)

xposted [17 Jan 2004|02:09pm]

'Pressure Point' , the new single from The Zuton's is released on Monday the
19th of January !

Available on CD and strictly limited edition signed 7" vinyl, the cd includes a
new track 'Beggars And Choosers' and the 7" vinyl features a new version of

If you have a Virgin Megastore in your town, you can also buy an exclusive
second cd single which features a new track called 'Over The Hill' and an
acoustic version of 'Zuton Fever'. This cd is also limited, so first come,
first served.

Thanks to everyone who came to the gigs this week and see you all in London
tonight !

The Zutons

(I am shipwrecked on the rocks)

Coral Brit Nominations. [13 Jan 2004|03:45pm]

The Coral have been nominated for 2 Brits, Best Album and Best Group. To see the entire list on nominations, click here.

Cross-posted in liverpool_indie

(Brother roll another for me | I am shipwrecked on the rocks)

Zutons news [07 Jan 2004|06:06pm]

Cross-posted at liverpool_indie

*Live Session On Radio One
**NME Feature This Week
***Channel 4 Documentary
****Pre-Order 'Pressure Point' - Signed 7" Vinyl + Free Poster Offer

It's a busy week for the Zutons......


The Zutons will be performing live on Radio One's Evening session tonight and will be interviewed by Zane Lowe.


Check out this week's issue of the NME which is out today. There is a one page feature on the band.
'Pressure Point....the first truly great single of 2004' NME


There is also a documentary on The Zutons tonight on Channel 4. Unless you're a night owl, you'll need to set the video, as it's on at 2.50am!



'Pressure Point', the new single will be released on Monday 19th January.

The single is available on CD and 7" vinyl, featuring new track 'Beggars And Choosers' and a new version of 'Zutonkhamuun'.

Limited edition copies of the 7 "vinyl have been signed by the band and if you pre-order on either CD or 7", you will receive a free Zutons poster - see poster at http://www.thezutons.co.uk/freeposter

To pre-order your copy, just click on the link below. You won't even have to get out of bed to go to a shop, as the single will automatically be delivered to you on January 19th!

PRE-ORDER NOW. http://www.recordstore.co.uk/sonymusic/home.jsp?Search=The%20Zutons

1. Pressure Point
2. Beggars And Choosers

Signed 7" vinyl
1. Pressure Point
2. Zutonkhamuun


*****For all the latest Zutons news visit http://www.thezutons.co.uk
******Visit The Zutons message board at http://uk.sonymusic.co.uk/forums/thezutons

(I am shipwrecked on the rocks)

[04 Jan 2004|03:41pm]

The Zutons website has finally been finished


More Zutons news - Pressure Point will be released as their next CD single on January 19th.

(I am shipwrecked on the rocks)

[17 Dec 2003|08:38pm]

Zane Lowe will be playing tracks from a live set recorded by The Coral, at 9PM tonight.

Don't worry if you miss it, as you should still be able to find them on the BBC Radio 1 Website afterwards


Pre-order Nightfreak and The Sons of Becker from the official Coral shop - www.recordstore.co.uk/thecoral

(I am shipwrecked on the rocks)

[01 Dec 2003|09:28pm]

Has anybody heard the new downloadable Zutons single yet?

(Brother roll another for me | I am shipwrecked on the rocks)

[30 Nov 2003|09:37pm]

Bill McCai reached number 23 in the UK Charts. No thanks to me though..

(Brother roll another for me | I am shipwrecked on the rocks)

[26 Nov 2003|10:12pm]

So The Coral are releasing a new album, kinda.

Full story here

But only 75,000 copies! Must. Buy.

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